Author - Anjali Surana

Have you ever wished you could compile a bunch of your memories into one single sharable post? Does sharing several pics and videos on multiple social media outlets seem like a time-consuming task?

Well, surely HOOT is for you!

No more Album-ing photographs, no more Photo uploads to multiple social apps for sharing your experiences with the public. Hoot makes sharing a story so simple that it can well become a routine.

Just use the smart and trendy HOOT app to click away while it compiles your shots into a story! HOOT your story to the world, so that your pics and videos play out in an interesting sequence for everyone to see! Create a new Hoot every time you want to tell a new story! Make the HOOT app your home for sharing life´s big and small events!

What exactly can I do with Hoot...

  • HOOT is for Creating Timeless Tales!
  • Going on a Holiday... Just Shoot It and Hoot It!
  • Are you Celebrating? Create your memory, and Hoot It!
  • Girls Night Out? Hoot out to spur some envy!
  • Had a Good Day? Make a statement with it!
  • Heading Out... Share your journey on the go!
  • Have a Presentation? Hoot it to make sure it stands Out!
  • Become the Inspiration... Hoot your Success Story Aloud!

What exactly does HOOT do?
The Hoot app binds together photographs and videos selected by you into a single HOOT, suitably titled and published to the social network on the app with just a click...

Just Shoot it and HOOT it!

Let´s say you are taking a day out. Surely you would be taking pictures and videos to preserve the memories. Now comes the time to share them. Hoot can create a single video telling the story of the entire day. Just HOOT it to your social network, or the public. This will take your entire day online, in one single HOOT.

One single video... share it anywhere, with anyone, or just have people watch it on their Hoot app.

Be it a holiday, or a homely event, a birthday or just a night out, just HOOT it to share your whole experience in the coolest way. Above all, give your Hoot an attitude, a suitable mood... add an audio playback of your choice. See your Hoot play out your memories like a professionally created movie.

It's your very own movie maker, smooth and easy!

Come, wrap your memories, and Hoot them out to the world! Make your Profile private to share your Hoots with your friends and family only!

More ideas for using Hoot...

  • Bring to life a professional event by clubbing important moments into one HOOT - a single video, that can be published to your audience!
  • Animate a sequence of interesting events into a short story and Hoot it out into the world!
  • Trace the path of any creative act from inception to success and allow Hoot to make it popular!
  • Create a memento of your love through a dreamy, romantic Hoot, for that special person.
  • Snap together photos and videos as you prepare your Dish of the day, and watch your Foodie-Hoot go viral!
  • Watch famous people´s HOOTs as they update their stories live!
  • Collate some nostalgic moments into a Hoot, and watch it spread like wild fire!

Don´t ever spend time again uploading and organizing your pics/videos into online albums. The greatest advantage of HOOT is your audience can simply view your entire story in one HOOT, in one place, as one video, even if they do NOT have the app. Just hitting PLAY will play out the HOOT in a strangely interesting fashion. Wouldn´t it be delightful to run your story over such an unusual and exciting ramp?

Now what´s stopping you... Just HOOT away!