Log in easily with Facebook or Register with Hoot

S tart using the app instantly with a single click login using Facebook. The app will guide you to the Add-Friends page so that you can add some of your facebook friends immediately. But this can be done later too.

View all Hoots

L aunching the app always will show you to the Hoots view where you can see the latest activities on the app. If your friend or any public profile you follow has published a new Hoot, you can see it first. Like, Comment or shoot your own Hoot!

Everything that's yours

T he Profile view shows you everything that's yours. Your profile pic and video can be changed from here. This is how everyone will see you, and similarly, this is how you will see everyone else's profile too. Your profile shows you your own Hoot list, your Friends list, and your Followers list.

Profile Hoots

S ee all your Hoots in one place, in chronological order showing last-updated on top. You can perform several operations on every Hoot from here...

When viewing another user's profile, this tab will show you that user's Hoots. The Add/Edit/Del options will not be visible on any of their hoots. You can however Share another user's hoot.

Profile Following

Y our Following are people whom you follow, i.e. whose posts you can see. This tab shows all your Friends, and you can click on any to view their complete profile. To add more Friends, you can search and send follow-requests from the Discover tab. Private profiles will get become friends after they accept your request. You can see the number of pending requests, if any, on the Friends Tab. Click on it to see the complete list.

When viewing another user's profile, this tab will show you that user's Friends.

Profile Followers

S hows all the people following you. These are the people who have requested to follow you, i.e. they can see your posts, and all your activity. If your profile is private, then before anyone can follow you, you have to accept their request, by using the pending requests link displayed on the Followers tab. As for a public profile, users can immediately start following them.

When viewing another user's profile, this tab will show you that user's Followers

Start a New Hoot

W henever you want to start shooting a new story you can start a NEW Hoot. Enter a short description for your hoot. By switching ON the "Show Cover Image" button a title slide will show as the first screen on the hoot. Select suitable background music. Click on SAVE to save the hoot OR use the to go back to the timeline.


T he short-cut icon, the Get Started button on NEW HOOT page and the button on the Hoot Timeline, all start your Camera. Use your Camera to shoot a Photo or Video and doing just that, will add it to the Hoot's timeline, the title of which is displayed on top. You can go on shooting pics or videos, and this Hoot gets them all.

Short-Cut to the Camera

T he button placed on the top right corner of the app, and visible from all Tabs, is a short-cut to the Camera. This is given for easy and quick access to the camera, so your story never misses out on capturing any flying moment! Remember, that since you haven't selected any particular HOOT, the app will add your shots to your last-edited HOOT. The title displayed on the Camera overlay will remind you of this.